Measured Building Surveys

Standard building surveys are carried out in accordance with the RICS Specification Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and larger scales. A typical survey drawing will include, walls, columns, beams, stairs, lifts, service entry points, kitchen and sanitary fittings, windows, doors, floor levels, floor to ceiling heights, beam heights, window heights and roof levels.


Provide accurate drawings, avoiding assumptions and costly design errors. Remote measurements avoid the need for direct access, in turn reducing health and safety risks, whilst Laser Scanning provides rapid data collection and Validation.

The applications are endless, offering a variety of measured survey solutions for:
•    Office
•    Retail
•    Industrial
•    Leisure
•    Heritage
•    Residential
•    Health & Safety Assessments


•    Floor plans
•    Elevations
•    Sections
•    3D Models
•    3D Point Clouds
•    IPMS Area Reports