Railway Surveys

Paragon Surveys are industry leading RISQS (Railway industry supplier qualification scheme) approved railway surveyors. We use the latest innovative technology, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Laser Scanners and field computers running specialist software.


We provide Accurate drawings, avoiding assumptions and costly design errors, whilst obtaining Remote measurements to avoid the need for direct access, in turn reducing health and safety risks. Our Laser Scanning provides rapid data collection for Validation of your particular project.

We work closely with architects, planners, developers, designers, agents, engineers and other property professionals to provide complete solutions for all your measurement needs.

The applications are endless, offering a variety of measured survey solutions for:
•    Topographical & Track Surveys
•    Platform Gauging Clearance Surveys
•    Structure Gauging
•    OLE Height & Stagger
•    Deformation Monitoring
•    Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry
•    Measured Building Surveys
•    Drainage Surveys
•    Underground Utility Service Tracing Surveys


•    2d & 3d CAD
•    Microstation
•    MX Genio
•    Structure Gauging Reports – ClearRoute™
•    3d registered point clouds
•    Sections
•    3d Models
•    3d Point Clouds