Topographical Surveys

Our market leading survey teams capture, analyse and deliver measured survey data in a variety of formats using the latest Total Station, GPS and Laser Scanning technology, whilst applying innovative terrestrial, mobile and aerial techniques.


Terrestrial Surveys offer increased Accuracy over Aerial Techniques, giving accurate Base Plans showing Physical Features to Design and Build your projects from, whilst giving a complete and Clear Image of the Site and the Surrounding Area.

Standard topographical surveys are undertaken in accordance with the RICS Specification Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger, tailored to our specific clients’ requirements and delivered to the highest standard of drafting.

Land survey services include but are not limited to the following:
•    2d or 3d Topographic Surveys
•    Digital Terrain Models
•    Mobile Mapping
•    Survey Control Establishment
•    Highway Measurement
•    Rail Track Measurement
•    Volumetric Surveys/Cut Fill Calculations
•    Flood Risk Assessments
•    Landscaping Surveys
•    Coastal Defence/Monitoring Surveys
•    Health & Safety Assessments


•    2D or 3D Topographical Drawings in all Standard Formats
•    Microstation
•    3D Point Clouds
•    Textured Meshes
•    Aerial Maps 
& Photography